Friday, October 10, 2008

Wee! it's friday!

yay. i love fridays. do you know why? because i actually get to leave work before the sun goes down. tonight i'm going home to my girls, i'm going to finish my jon and kate plus eight, i'm going to sit in my jammies with my fuzzy slippers and relax. BF has to work tomorrow AM so he's not going to stop by so it's going to be a quiet girls night and i'm ecstatic. i've had this giant blister on the bottom of my left foot for over a week now and it's incredibly painful just to walk but i've been pushing through so my girls can get some exercise..but tonight we are going to relax.

tonight i will:

  • paint my nails

  • bathe the girls

  • drink a cup of coffee

  • do a load of laundry

  • throw my hair up out of my face

  • relax

  • watch tv

  • enjoy the quiet

  • finish season 8 of will and grace (!)

i hope you all have an amazing weekend. it's supposed to rain tomorrow and sunday so it doesn't look like i'll be doing much. i'm down another $10 because i found gas for $3.09/gallon and figured i needed a top-off. so $29.01 is left for the remaining month, it's time to hunker down. i may check out this discount grocery store in my area and see if they have some cheap chocolate chips. i really want to bake some yummy cookies! :)

until next time,


Day 10 totals:

Money spent: $10.00

Money left: $29.01

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