Wednesday, October 8, 2008

well hello there..*wink* *wink*

so i'm alive and kicking and have $5 less in my wallet. *sigh* i had to have some fresh fruit for breakfast so i darted off and bought some strawberries last night and they're sooo good. although this does seem like a bad month to do this experiment, i'm going to stick with it as much as possible. i have lunch for today (leftovers) and tonight for dinner i can have more leftovers or cook up something from my cupboard. what will eventually break me though is fruit. i love fruit and it has to be fresh, not canned. i'm going to pick up some cheaper fruits though like apples and grapes (if they're on sale) to get me through the rest of the month. i have a half tank of gas so i'm hoping it will last me another two weeks or so. i really don't do much driving at all besides to work and to the park so it shouldn't be a problem.

i really can't wait to see what kind of impact this experiment will have on my account by the end of the month, i'm excited! i think it will bring an appreciation of what i do have and an awareness that i don't need to spend as much money as i have been. i'm going to stick with the cash system again because i do think it works and does make me second-guess my spending on things that could be considered frivolous. there are so many things i keep putting off doing because i don't have the money to do it. for one, i have a number of items i would love to have custom framed but they're stuck in a drawer. i would eventually love to have my a/c in my car repaired to make things more comfortable but i've always looked at it as i'd rather have that money go towards paying off debt. i just like to look towards the big picture: being debt-free.

i've been debt-free before and i can't explain how wonderful and freeing it is to be able to save a ton of money and not worry about bills. i'm being patient though, i know my time will come and i can't wait! :)

End of Day 7 totals:
Money spent: $7
Money remaining: $39.01

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