Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on No Spend Month/Thrift store shopping

worst month ever to start this no spend month, but alas, i'm alive and kicking and down $2. the boyfriend took me to lunch today to sweet tomatoes (or soup plantation to some of you folks).. yummmm and i feel bad for the girls running around picking up trays and plates, so i left $2 for a tip. oh well.

other than that. i'm doing well. haven't spent any other money besides that. i have gas in my car and i have food in my fridge and pantry; i should be good for a while, but i am out of fruit..a cardinal sin in my house.

can't believe it's just the 7th! i still have 3 weeks and 4 days to go.. not like i'm counting. lol. what's funny is that there really isn't anything i'm tempted to run out and buy (besides christmas presents for family!) but i guess when you take away the option, it's hard to adjust. i just want to kick start my christmas shopping so this is just delaying that..also the girls are almost out of greenies and they REALLY look forward to that before bedtime..but at $15 a package i can't run out and buy two bags (yet again, two different weights, two different size of greenies!). i guess they'll have to stick with milkbones until next month. i'm really looking forward to the end of the month simply because i get 3 paychecks this month so that means i should have a happy bank account and more money to pay towards my debt! i can't wait for that.

it's so interesting how many articles are out nowadays about cutting back, thrift store shopping, and how America is adjusting to our poopy economy. it's funny because i've been doing this for years but now "mainstream" americans are just figuring this out. it's a shame too because they probably wouldn't be in the situation they're in if they would have just cut back to begin with! i'm just grateful that i can afford to support my furbabies and myself and that i don't have children to have to fret about how i'm going to pay for this and that. hopefully when that time comes, i'm debt-free, financially set, and mentally prepared!! :)

anyway, check out this article from CNN Living. it talks about how more and more thrift stores are seeing middle class shoppers. if you have ever been to a a thrift store how can you not love them and try to find as many different ones in your area? i know someone who found a pair of manolo blahniks for $4. really, it is one of the best places to shop, but you do have to have some degree of patience. but they're totally worth it. it's sad that people are just discovering these places as good low-cost places to shop.

even though the economy is in the pooper, it is great that over spending americans are finally getting the wake up call they all deserved!

Day 7 totals:
Money spent: $2
Money remaining: $44.01

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Amy said...

Dude, sounds like this experiment should've waited until the new year. You just have too much going on right now and with the holidays coming up its going to be hard. I'm still very proud of you for doing this whole thing. I don't really honestly think that most people could do something like this. Kudos to you for sticking with it and passing on those treats for the girls. Now the thrift stores, you know I loves me some thrift store shopping. Remember all those times we went charity shop shopping?? Gosh, I miss the charity shops!!! I refuse to buy the boys clothes and stuff brand new most of the time because you can find just as nice things in a thrift store for half the price you would pay at walmart or something. I think more people should use them as a matter of fact. I think someone should do an experiment like the one your doing but this time they can only use thrift stores. Use the thrift stores for all their needs for the next month and see how much money they could save without buying from other high dollar stores. I think that should be your next one! Anyways, hope you are surviving out there. If I know you, I know that you can make five dollars last two weeks if you have to do so. Love ya and keep up the good work.