Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ah yes, Shelter #10, I remember you well.

Remember how I said I got out on Sunday to get some fresh air? I decided to walk a different way to the dog park that morning and oh boy, the grass gods did not let me get away with that one. So I'm walking my two dogs on their coupler leash (so that they can walk together thereby sparing me having to deal with two different leashes and have Ruby eventually rip one of my arms out of the socket. "What momma? You have another arm.") and in my typical workout gear. Long black pants, tank top, and cute green zip up jacket.. sunglasses and hair up in pony tail. Girls looking all nice and in shape, groomed fur, Ruby with a t-shirt on. Just a typical young woman walking her overly spoiled dogs..no?

Obviously not. As I approach said dog park a middle aged guy with the worst teeth in human history.. seriously, it was like a freak accident. You want to look away, but you just can't... is like, "there they are!"

Me: uncomfortable laugh.. "he he..heh"
Butter teeth: "Haven't I seen you here before?"
Me: "Probably, I'm here a lot."
Butter teeth: "Yeah, I remember you. You were at Shelter #10 and was telling me how you were picking up your animals."
What I said: "Umm. Nope. Wasn't me."
What I was thinking: "A shelter? Really? I spend more on my dogs in one month than you have on toothpaste in the last two decades." (Bitter and bitchy? Yup.)

Now I know I was sick, but honestly.. if I really looked as bad to be mistaken for a woman at a shelter, I should have stayed home another day on the couch. With the blinds closed. And a blanket over my head.

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