Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seven days, no spending.

Ah yes, CNN Living again has a very interesting article about a guy who decides not to spend any money for seven days. Basically he does it as an experiment to see how much money he really uses in a week; interesting how we burn through x amount of dollars and aren't even aware. Although this dude sounded like a cheapskate to begin with, sounds like maybe he won't be so much anymore after his little experiment.

In trying to pay off as much debt as I can in order to be debt-free and buy a car with cash within the next few years, I'm really watching every penny that leaves my wallet. I rarely eat out anymore and am cooking a lot more at home (yay!) I'm so tempted every where I go to buy something. These sexy high heels at Guess ($115):
and a new winter coat at Ann Taylor Loft ($169):

This coat is way cuter in person, and looks way better on me. hehe.

I typically don't ever go to the mall but when I was in Dallas I walked past Ann Taylor Loft and fell in LOVE with this winter coat and since I don't have one and will need one, I'm contemplating buying it but I would definitely buy it with cash. I probably could afford it now but I'm trying to pay off my Vita-Mix on layaway so boo, I don't think that will work. Maybe boyfriend will buy it for me. :) I found another cute coat at Old Navy for half the price, but do I sacrifice? Why not spend the money on something I LOVE that is made of higher quality materials that will probably last me a lot longer? Doesn't that make sense in the long run? Buy quality even if it is more money? Budgets suck but so does debt and taking two steps forward and one step back is just asinine. I guess I'll have to figure a way to fit it into my budget if I really want it, right?

In any event, read the article and let me know what you think. Spend no money in 7 days? Ha. I don't think I could.


amy said...

I love both of them dude! Super Cute!!!!!

Tiko|Peace-Joy-Love said...

You should sooo get that coat. It's very, very cute! And, I totally believe in paying a little extra for a quality coat that will last you for years. It definitely something that you need, and...in the long run, its more cost effective than buying a cheaper coat.

The shoes though...you don't really NEED them, right? ;-)