Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday (of doom) and other random thoughts

So I'm sitting here at work looking at PF (Personal Finance) blogs listening to my coworkers talk about Black Friday ($20 500-thread count sheets at Walmart! Ugh, I need new sheets). I haven't been to a Black Friday in over seven years and frankly, as good as the deals are, I can't afford to go. The idea of waking up super early to go fight traffic and fight crowds just makes me want to stay at home with my dogs. Are any of you planning on hitting the sales?

Anyway, I'm going to the library on my lunch break to get some books that I've been wanting to get on personal finance and debt. I need to get focused and get boyfriend on track with spending no money. Since he's been in down by the border, the only time he spends money is when he comes back to visit and last visit we spent a chunk. This is good because it keeps his spending next to nothing and me in charge of the finances (of which I love being in control). I'm slowly taking care of his finances and keeping them on track for him. With him being gone it has greatly improved our relationship as well as his debt.

In other news, I've also put a number of items up on craigslist and we'll see if any of them sell. If not I'm going to take them to my fave used bookstore and see if I can get store credit for them; otherwise they're definitely going to Goodwill. For some reason I just want to load up my car with things that I just can't stand to have around the house anymore. I really should have a yard sale but I'm one of those impatient people that when I want something done, I want it done now. I'm going to see if one of my friends wants to do it at her house, I'll see if she's down for it. That would help put money down on my VitaMix or for my contacts that I desperately need. Even if I make $100, that would almost pay off my blender. Maybe that's what I should do before dropping it all off at Goodwill...but right now that stuff is clouding my brain and that's bad Feng Shui. Why does it seem like stuff is taking over my life? AHHHH...

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