Tuesday, November 25, 2008

money money money...MOOONEY

Grr. I feel like my money is just flying out the window. It's like once you cheat on a diet, it's a lot easier to continue cheating. I don't know why I'm having such difficulties, when I was married I was on top of my game with money; maybe it's because I'm only accountable to myself that I am able to spend more money. It's like two steps forward, one step back.

I finally bought my coat from Ann Taylor; I sucked it up because I figured that it was of really good quality and will last me years. I called the store here in Tucson to see if they had my size and would hold it for me. Because we are considered a "hot" store, they didn't carry it so she told me to just order it online. The salesperson was nice enough to give me a code to use online to save 30%. (Sweet.) So I typed in the code and not only did I save 30%, I also got free shipping. :) Instead of paying almost $200 (including tax and shipping) I got my coat for $127.77, with tax, meaning I saved over $56. Patience pays off, huh? So I'm really excited that I'm going to finally have a nice coat for winter, especially since I'm going to be in Dallas.

I've decided that I need to just pull out my budget money and then hide my debit card...I can't be trusted to keep it in my wallet. I'm going to get back on track this week, I swear. The good news is that I was able to fill up my car for $17.00 yesterday. :) How nice is that? It's also been almost two weeks since I filled up last so it looks like my monthly gas bill will be less than $40. No complaints there.

Okay, back to the straight and narrow. I'm feeling better already.

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