Monday, December 1, 2008

What the Christmas?

I just found out boyfriend is not going to be back for a while now. He may stay down on the border till February (!) which is wonderful because he's making really good money down there but this puts me in a predicament for the dogs. I have to board them for NINE days since I have no one else to watch them and my parents still will not let me bring them. OUCH. So this will have a great impact on my debt and put me in the hole another $224. Yikes. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Financial goals for December:

  • Pay $400 towards debt
  • TRY to pay for boarding with cash ($224)
  • Pay off Vitamix on layaway ($225 left)

I'm struggling right now with Christmas and unexpected crap. My rent takes up almost one whole paycheck so that really hurts! I really have tried to find a place similar to mine for less, but I'm finding that I'm in a very reasonable house and I'm NOT moving to an apartment (and really, an apartment isn't much less than what I pay anyway) No offense to apartment people, but I like having my backyard for my dogs. I'm just not an apartment-type person anyway.

I have 4 hours of overtime coming on this paycheck which will help, but I still have to buy a few Christmas presents for some family members so that's going to set me back more. Grr. Are the holidays over yet? With my plane ticket ($374) and boarding ($224) and gifts (??) this is getting

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