Monday, January 19, 2009

Crap crap crap

So last Tuesday I get off work 45 minutes late. My eyes hurt. I'm starving. I'm tired. I just want to go home, eat, and watch some TV with the girls. I'm jamming to my music in my car and BAM. I see flashing lights. *CRAP*

I get busted for going 50 in a 35mph zone. Oops. I really didn't realize I was going that fast, honestly. And of course, I can't get off with a warning but at least he writes the ticket for 45mph in a 35. The nice officer (really, he was nice) handed me my citation and I was in a bad mood the rest of the night.

Boyfriend calls from his parents' house and is asking me how my night was going. Well, you TELL me. And I proceed to get scolded like a child. "I've told you how many times to slow down?" Blah blah blah. You're right. I'm wrong. Yes, the last thing I need to hear is how you're right. I'm already pissed off about this ticket and know this doesn't help my debt get paid off any faster.

Anyway, the bonus is that I get to go to Defensive Driving School so it won't count against my license. The bad news? It's $190.00 whereas my ticket is only $135.00. GRRRRR. AND I have to go on Saturday morning from 7:30AM to 1PM. UGH.

Since this payday is the paycheck that is ALWAYS tight due to rent, I'm essentially broke after this ticket and putting money in my EF. This means I can't even afford to pay ANYTHING towards debt for another month. :( Not happy. At all.

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amy said...

Dude...are you serious!!!! I can't believe you got a ticket and I can't believe how much its costing you! you know how long its been since I've gotten a ticket? The last time I got a ticket for going 20 over the speed limit, my ticket was only $60 bucks. That should tell you how long ago it was that I had my last ticket! LOL. Dude, that totally sucks!