Monday, January 19, 2009

Needing a change

I need a change. I need to do something and get out of my current situation. I'm sick of working at my job but patiently waiting for my new one to call me and say, "We're ready. Let's do this."
I talked to boyfriend over the weekend and asked him if he would want to take a year off and just travel the United States. He said, yes. We have a 5th wheel trailer (in the above pic) and so I figure once we become debt-free this year (and it WILL be this year, damn it) we save roughly $20,000, pack up the girls and my cat, put our stuff in storage and hit the road. How freeing would that be? Drive wherever, stay wherever, see whatever we want, go wherever we want. I think traveling the States would be so much fun and would be one the best years of our lives. We don't have a house, we don't have kids (except furbabies), so why not? What do we have holding us here in Tucson? Absolutely nothing.
It's very ambitious for us to be debt free this year. I only have less than $3,000 worth of Credit card debt but he has the truck, cc debt, and the trailer. I think we can do it.
Right now I'm just getting focused and excited about the potential of it happening within the next year. I've started purging my things and really evaluate what is coming into my house and what I really need to keep since items would be in storage for a year. Making this decision just makes me feel so free, I can't wait for it to happen. Right now I'm being patient (something I've learned a lot about lately!) and just thinking about where we want to go and what we want to see.
Any ideas of places to go, things to see? Where would you go if you could travel the States?


Miss M said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea, why wait till you are old and can't enjoy the trip. Having an exciting goal should help motivate you with the debt payoff. I'm dying for an airstream but Mr M says I'm dreaming, oh well.

amy said...

Dude,,,,LOVE IT!!!! Get out there and see the country. Like the other person said, Why wait until you're old? Dude, if you guys can afford to do it, do it! I would love to do it. I would love to travel all over the country! You get to take your time. No schedules but your own! I say go for it! Would you come and pick me up on your way around the country?!?! LOL...No seriously, places to go and things to see....My suggestions are....ME,ME,ME,BOYS,BOYS,ME,ME,BOYS,CLINT, AND ME AGAIN,LMFAO!!!!!!! I'm excited now for you. I wanna know all the details and I wanna hear all the plans for this new chapter in your lives! YAY