Monday, January 12, 2009

Updated Totals

After spending numerous, and I mean numerous, hours figuring out my portion of debt and boyfriend's portion of debt, I have my new totals for my credit cards posted in the left column. Or I'll just post it here too:

Credit Card #1
  • $120.62

Credit Card #2

  • $2468.98

Total Credit Card Debt: $2589.60

After getting those totals together and seeing the balance doesn't make me feel too bad at all! I thought I had owed more, so seeing this reality really makes me feel great! And the fact that if I used my emergency fund of $2300 to pay off my debt, I would only have $289 left in debt which means I would be debt free at the end of the month (and emergency fund broke!). It's completely tempting to do so, but I'm going to diligently keep it where it remains safe. Still, knowing that, makes me feel empowered! :)

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