Monday, January 12, 2009

Spent too much money this weekend.

Oops. I was doing really well because I had returned a pair of pants I had bought when I used my gift cards from my parents to my favorite clothing store, Kohls. It was a busy day there and I had gone over by $56.95 and with all the people behind me, I just had them put the remaining balance on my Kohls charge. Bad. Yes. I know. I went home and tried to figure out what I didn't absolutely love that I could return. Enter the pants. I figured I would just take them back and only have a small balance left on my card which I could promptly pay ASAP. Boyfriend and I returned the pants and I paid off my charge card. Nice. :)

We then ran to a shoe store to see if they had a certain purse there. Now, back in the day I was really big into hand bags. Like, really big. I had to buy them all the time. I justified them as a good purchase because they could last for a few years, unlike some other purchases. Anymore, unless I happen to find a really nice one I can't live without, I don't buy them. While shopping with my BFF in Oklahoma, I spotted this large clutch that I just immediately fell in love with. So did she. Being the total bitch that I am, I bought the bag for myself thinking I could find her one too. I tried to find it desperately online but to no avail, I couldn't find it. Well, guess what? I found her one yesterday. The last one. Whew. So I'm going to mail that off to her. So that should be a nice surprise.

I also needed new shoes for work. Desperately. The only 3 pairs of shoes I wear to work are getting worn out. My favorite Guess heels are falling apart. The bottom part of the heel came off because it was so worn down; when I walked, you could hear the nail going clack, clack, clack. The other two pairs of flats I had were just getting worn out (I had bought them 1 1/2 years ago!). So I found a really sexy pair of Guess heels for only $47.00 which is awesome because they're normally $115.00 and I found a really nice pair of black flats for $40.00. More money than I wanted to spend but I thought it was worth it to get new shoes.

Boyfriend was nice enough to take my car in today to get the oil changed; since I only use synthetic it's always more expensive. Damage? $55.00. Obviously there was no way of getting around this and boyfriend said he'd pay for it but too bad, I transferred the money to his account. Sucker.

I know what you're thinking, just have him do it to save money? Au contraire, he was going to, but because his forearm is too big there was no way he could get to the oil filter so he took it in. Jiffy Lube was nice enough to give us this discount card where you save $7 the first oil change, $8 the next, $9 the next, etc. They also let bf use the $7 off coupon on my oil change and $8 on his. $15 saved. I'm not going to complain.

Anyway, I had a good weekend; boyfriend is leaving to visit his parents about 6 hours away in Northern Arizona so I won't see him for a week. I'm used to it by now so no big deal, he needs to see his rents anyway as it has been almost a year.

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