Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I really hate my job. With a passion. I've been here over a year and while the work environment has increased 100%, I sincerely without a doubt HATE my job. Hate it. Really. Hate is a strong word and I HATE my job. Sunday comes around, I'm ready to go back to work, until I realize where I'm going and what I'm doing. HATE!

Anyway, I am slotted to get hired on by the county whenever they're out of a hiring freeze. People, I applied for this job November 2007--went through all the phases (written exam/panel interview), got a call July 2008 saying they wanted to finish the process (drug test/psych eval/background check), and I passed it all. I was supposed to be hired December 2008. It's now February and with this ***Damn recession, I don't know WHEN I will be hired. The thing that sucks? I'm NEXT on the list. The very next person to be hired and I'm still at my current job. Hating it.

BF took me to lunch today and we talked about my options. Basically I've come to the point where if I'm not hired on by June 1st, I'm going to move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I LOVE Tucson with a passion but as one of my co-workers (who also hates this place) put it, "Tucson is dried up." I agree. There are no jobs here (like other areas) and I can't sit on my hands all day waiting for something to happen.

I called my Dad and told him the news and not to tell my mom because she would be calling me EVERYDAY saying, "When are you moving down here? Did you find a job yet? Any news?" And I just can't handle that.

I'm not too excited about the move although I would be close to my family and my BFF and her son in Oklahoma. BF wants to live in Texas eventually but he doesn't think it's the right time for him; so I have to figure out what to do there. Yay. <---Insert Sarcasm.

I don't know what to do. At. All. I'm stressed and I'm not happy. And that is not good. :(

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Miss M said...

No offense but I dated a guy from Texas and you couldn't pay me to live there! Of course Tucson isn't that great either I guess. I love LA but unless you have money (or are willing to make a lot of sacrifices) it's kind of a shitty place. It's hard to get ahead when the mortgage on your falling down shack is $2400/mo.