Monday, February 23, 2009

Yikes! $50 for two weeks

So for some reason, this paycheck has essentially disappeared. When 60% of one paycheck is for rent, the 40% left doesn't last long when you pay bills and save money. I'm now down to $50 in cash for 2 weeks (!) and $30 or so in my bank account; I took my debit cards and stashed them so that there was no way I could access that money just in case something unexpected comes out of my account. My friend E owed me money from December so when I saw her on Saturday she gave me $25; I quickly stashed that in our travel fund but if I need to use it, I will. Nice to have a little back up cash, no?

I went to one of those discount bakeries in the area and stocked up on rolls for my veggie burgers ($1.59 for 8 when it's normally $3.00 or so), whole wheat pizza crust ($3.29), pizza sauce ($1.69 for three packets), veggie soup mix ($3.39) that will make a ton of soup, and a free loaf of bread.

I'm definitely not going to starve since I can always throw some stuff from the pantry together (I'm very creative!) so that's definitely the good news and I have a full tank of gas. No complaints then. It's nice when you get to the point where you just don't NEED or WANT anything, I love it! I just need to watch impulse buys or sweets (like yummy ice cream!).
The bright side with payday is that I'm just a little closer to being debt-free, I can't wait!

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