Tuesday, April 7, 2009

okie dokie

I apologize for being away for such a long break. I've been busy in mind and body! I took the AFOQT last Thursday so I will be getting my results back sometime this week. A lot of people on the AF forums have been saying the AFOQT was much easier than the practice tests...let me tell you, not so much! I finished a lot of sections with MINUTES left over and some sections I ran out of time before I could answer them all. I'm confident in some areas, not so confident in others. Let's hope that I will be selected! If not, then obviously the timing for me going in is not right and I will wait the requisite six months and take it again! So, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers! :)

As for the diet/exercise. I've gained a pound (after losing 4!) so I'm back 100% on Nutrisystem. I've also increased my exercise--I'm working out in the AM doing weight lifting/cardio and then the girls and I go running. In the evening I've been doing Yoga to stretch out my body. When I move to Dallas though, I will become a gym rat again, I can't wait! :)

I will be going camping this Easter weekend, Friday through Monday, in the hills of California. Let me tell you how excited I will be to escape the madness of everyday life and experience the beauty of the outdoors and living simple.

I hope you all are doing well. I'll be in touch. :)

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