Monday, August 31, 2009

Texas: Born and breed. Back again.

Texas is my new home and I am thisclose to becoming a resident once again. (I was born here and lived my first five years in TX but then moved due to the military) I ran around downtown today with my new friend and got my vehicle registered but since I didn't have a birth certificate or passport, I couldn't get my license. I did get a Tolltag though, and that makes me officially feel like a Texan. Haha. No more stopping at the toll booths and paying, No ma'am, I can zoom right through like everyone else. :) Anyway, seeing those plates go on my car just felt good. I'm moving on from my old life and moving forward with a new one. Now, I just have to go and get my license and then it's official.

Another turning point today is that my douchebag brother-in-law did something very non-douchey. He got me a second part-time job. *Shock* Yes, he in fact learned at his job that they needed someone temporary, on contract only, to do some data-entry...and he thought of me. Surprised? I was floored. Anyway, it will be great to feel like I'm working full-time and nice to have the extra income! It's no fun to go from making a decent income, debt-free, and a nice savings account to teeny income and no savings! I'm just going to continue to work hard, fatten up my bank account as much as I can, and then when I find a full-time job, really feel start saving saving saving!

Right now this week has been off to a great start and I'm feeling more and more optimistic as the days pass. As I continue to just ease off the control of my life and allow God to do his part, I'm finding things are going much more smoothly!

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