Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An early Christmas present

Okay, I admit it. I'm a horoscope junkie. I don't buy into it 100% but I do enjoy reading it and seeing how things are going to go in my life. On Monday, this is what my horoscope read (I'm a Cancer by the way)...

The race is on and you're ready, fit, and raring to go. You have to move quickly before the window closes. Just two more days until everything shuts down, so keep the pedal to the metal and get this one signed, sealed, and delivered as a Christmas present by tomorrow.

Interesting, I thought. Maybe this will truly mean something! I hope so! Well, yesterday I went to the gym for an interview, to work the front desk. My friends who work there were kind enough to let me know that I could work the front desk until I found something else. Shortly after I got home from the interview (and my workout) my mom took my phone to call my uncle. During the conversation, she handed me the phone and said that I had a phone call. I clicked over and it was C, a woman I had interviewed with last week.

**Back story**

I've been on a dating website for about a month and a half now. I've been on a few dates with guys but most recently I have been seeing N for almost two weeks. He works in mental health and has been very supportive of me finding a job and helping me out. He has been a correctional officer before and plans to eventually work full-time with sex offenders once he completes his Masters's nice to have someone understand my desire to work with convicts. Anyway, he forwarded me a few non profit organizations to check out and submit a resume. Luckily, one of the three places was hiring and I was called for an interview almost immediately. I got myself prepared and prepped, excited, and ready to roll. When I got there though, it was like speed dating for jobs. There were three sectors of this organization that were hiring and about 20 other people there for an interview. Unfortunately, the sector I wanted to work for, the homeless services sector, was hiring for only one position. I thought the supervisor and I clicked very well and we had a good interview, but I was also aware that there was about 20 other people and ONE job, so I had to make an impression. They told us we would hear word back after Christmas. I left the organization with my head low, discouraged once again.


Back to the phone call, C called to inform me that she was allowed to call me before the holiday to inform me she wanted to hire me on to work as a case manager for the homeless. :) *SHOCK* I couldn't believe it. I got off the phone and screamed. I will be starting the New Year, 2010, with a job. A job that will hopefully be an amazing learning experience and very fulfilling to my soul. THIS is what the six month wait was about. Learning, growing, praying, being patient..never doubting God had a greater plan in mind for me.

Thank you, readers, all two of you, for your understanding, lack of posts, and rambles these past six months. Things are looking up for Miss LL. Hopefully things will just get even better with the months to come.

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