Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In other news..

I've sent off my resumes to England and *fingers crossed* will get one of the jobs. I'm still purging like crazy. I should have taken pictures of the hot mess of clutter. It's amazing where all of this "stuff" hides. While bff was down here this past weekend, she helped me sort...she is so good with telling me what to let go. I took 2 huge..I mean HUGE bins of books, games, and puzzles to a used book store. Scored $27.00 (eh.) and then 3 large black trashbags full of stuff that went to Goodwill.

Right now I'm in the process of ebaying and etsying the remaining things in order to purge (and make some money). Right now with our income, any little bit of money helps! Our second bedroom needs to be cleaned out asap anyway for my bff and her son to move into it in two weeks. YIKES. Better get on it.

Anyway, I hope you are experiencing amazing weather like we are! Fall is officially here and you won't hear me complaining!

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