Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My best friend "A" of eight years is moving to Dallas in 2 weeks. She and her 4 year old son "J" will be moving in with us until they find a place to live and get used to this crazy city. This will be the first time she is away from her family since her son was born. See, she lucked out that her mom doesn't work so she takes care of "J" while "A" is at work or at school. Day care for free, can't complain.

Unfortunately, her work situation took a turn for the worst when her boss decided to snort the business money up her nose rather than pay the bills. Now "A" is $3,000 short (and probably will never see that money), the business is in foreclosure, and she is working somewhere where she doesn't make near the money she used to. She went from having a huge savings account and fat checks every 2 weeks, to owing her parents money for mortgage, selling her beautiful expensive furntiture and most of her belongings, and moving down here for an $8/hr job. Crazy right?

She understands that she can't afford her mortgage now when at first, it didn't even make that much of a dent in her bi-weekly pay. She is going to have to rent out the house and move to Dallas with the hopes that more opportunities will open up (translation: better pay).

She's scared. I'm scared for her but I keep telling her that she can do it. I know she can do it. That husband and I are here to help. That it will be best for her and "J". She is making such a huge sacrifice. I'm so proud of her and I'm optimistic that it will work out.

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