Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is it ever enough?

My minimalism crept up on me when I moved from the United States to England when I was just 19. I've mentioned before how materialist I used to be back in those days and moving to England to their "paltry little houses" was just so...backwards. Boy, was I an idiot. I learned to appreciate a small space and learned to cut back on material goods. How did it happen? I have know idea and I'm unable to pinpoint it but just did. I'm grateful for the six life-changing years I spent over there I continue to live the way I did "across the pond."

Unfortunately, sometimes I think I'm a little too obsessed with it and it can consume me. I'm always thinking of how I can get rid of more stuff, sell more goods on ebay, donate more's the reverse of the American dream.. instead of MORE MORE MORE it's less less less. I don't know what I'm afraid if I think I'm going to revert back to my old ways. I'm lucky that my house is only 2 bedrooms (the other is currently being occupied by my best friend) so the accumulation of stuff cannot even remotely I always say, "If you have the space, you will find a way to fill it up."

My point is, sometimes these thoughts won't allow me to relax and enjoy my home because I'm always thinking about maybe I could get rid of this.. anybody else experience that or am I just the only whackadoo?? :)

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FB @ said...

I feel like that when I see what other people get rid of. But then I review what I have and I realize I like the amount of stuff I own. I'm happy with the way things are!!!