Monday, January 10, 2011

2011: Year of Progress and Changes

Well, 2011 hasn't exactly started as fresh as I had hoped, but nonetheless, I keep kicking, praying, and attempting to stay as positive as I can. This year, I believe is the year of changes and I'm really looking forward to what will happen and cannot wait to reflect this time next year to see all that has occurred.

This past weekend, sweet husband took a night shift on Sat from 3p-11pm since our income is more than tight. My bff left to go home to OK this weekend, so the pups and I had a night to ourselves. Since TV has been out of the picture in over a month, I am now over the withdrawal phases and much to my happiness, I'm over cable/satellite and I'm quite content in the silence or with a movie playing in the background. Ah, what a nice change from sitting on the couch sometimes six hours (yes, six) a night by myself watching nothing but crappy reality programs.

No, this is no longer 2010, this is 2011, the year of progress. So, this past Saturday, home alone, I purged with a vengeance. And it felt great. I'm learning to release more items because of this impactful post by this amazing blog I found. And I'm continuing to live as if we will be moving to England this year. :) I ended up with a carload of goods for donation as well as a nice space in the house dedicated of things in the house to sell on eBay and craigslist.

Sweet husband is being patient, sometimes doesn't understand "this minimalist thing" I'm into, but is supportive (most of the time) of getting rid of things (except for that ugly Nike polo..because it's from Africa). In any event, this weekend is just the start of things to come, positive things. A little extra cash, a lot more empty space, and who can argue with that?

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Joshua Millburn said...

Thanks for the mention. Good luck with your journey. Hope all is going well for you this year. Your husband will understand eventually, once you show that you're living a more meaningful life.

Take care,

Joshua Millburn | The Minimalists