Friday, April 4, 2008

Shark Steam Mop

I am a sucker for informercials; always have been, always will be. I remember watching them as a kid late at night. There's just something about them, I'd rather watch them than regular TV. Have I ever bought anything? Nope. Just like watching them :)

After seeing the one for the Shark Steam Mop, I thought it looked like it was a definite potential for the stone floors throughout my house. I HATE using chemicals and I've been using an environmentally/people/pet friendly cleaner on my floors, but still, YUCK.

So, I hit the internet looking for reviews on the mop to see how well it would clean. Surprisingly they are more positive than negative (yay!). The only complaints are that you have to fill it up quite often (better than going to put a mop back in a dirty bucket, so I'm not concerned), you should buy extra pad refills (I think Target carries them) and that the handle seems, nothing I can do about it. The reviewers say that it takes about 3 times to really see the difference because it's getting all of the chemical residue off of the floor (YUCK) but once it's clean and you maintain it, the Steam Mop delivers. I can't hardly wait!! :)

This weekend I'm hitting up Bed, Bath, and Beyond to purchase my Shark Steam Mop for $79.99 (with a 20% off coupon for a whopping $16.00 discount!). I think by using the steam as opposed to chemicals, it's going to clean my floor a heckuvalot better than the mop. I'm also hoping that it may control the odor, but I don't know. I went out last night and bought some OdoBan Pet spray that I can use in the air and on fabric. I think you can use it on the litter as well, so we'll see.

Tonight I'm going to attack the litter box by scrubbing it (again) and giving it a good spray with OdoBan and putting in fresh cat litter. Maybe the combination will eliminate the odor, cuz the cats aren't going anywhere!!

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amy said...

I just told the hubby that I want one now! I hate mopping with solution crap!! I'm always afraid of the dogs licking it while its still wet. I want one!!!