Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring cleaning trouble #1: Cat odor

Toddy and Duke catching a nap...and a cuddle :)

...no not urine problems. My cats are great, they're 12 years old; I adopted them when they were six in England. They don't go where they're not supposed to, they have a GREAT hooded Booda cat box that is large, I use Fresh Step Cat Crystals which help the problem immensely. My problem is my cat box is kept in my bedroom, under a desk.

I have an 800 sqft. duplex with 2 other roommates, I can't keep the litter box anywhere else but my bedroom and my bathroom is too small.

The odor is a BIG problem. It just smells when someone goes in my room, but luckily it's not around the house, just my bedroom. I've tried scrubbing the floors with bleach but I HATE that b/c bleach is bad.period. I've scrubbed their box out put fresh litter every few weeks. I scoop poop. I've tried Nature's Miracle on the floor and low walls, cleaned their bedding with it as well.

Anyone have any recommendations to get rid of cat odor? I don't know what to do. I have large stone floors, no carpet or rugs in my room. I let the room air out as much as I can. I wash my bedding frequently.. Air fresheners don't work, even those that claim to eliminate odor.
HELP!! I need suggestions.Please.

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