Thursday, June 5, 2008

Buh bye papertowels

Ok, so this is a HUGE step for me. I love papertowels, I really do. They help me clean, wipe my face when I'm eating, there's just something about being able to toss them when they get icky that makes me just feel clean.

But I've decided that I need to end my dependency on them. My favorite blog, Apartment Therapy, talked about The Super Amazing Kitchen Cloths, I had to go out and get a set. $3.99 for a set of two, I was like, heck yes! :) I got a cute set of olive green and yellow, which makes me happy because I didn't realize there were two in a package, I couldn't decide which color to buy!

Let me tell you, they ROCK. You just get them damp and they work wonders. I gave my filthy pups a bath last night and had water all over the counter (I bathe them in the kitchen sink). I forgot I had these new super towels and used a regular kitchen on, which of course did not pick it all up and made my towel SOAKED. I then grabbed my Trader Joes one and it soaked up all of the water on the counter! I didn't even have to ring it out.

I've now been using them to clean food bits off the counter, the little coffee droplets off the counter when I pull out the filter, pick up excess water around the sink, etc. I'm thinking these will be great to DRY my dogs when I wash them.. I'll keep you updated!!

Yes, I think this transition will be a lot easier. And for $3.99 for a two-pack, oooh yes, Mommy like!!

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Your BFF Amy said...

ok, so now that i've read about these. I'm going to try and find me some. I hate papertowels actually and would much rather use a towel than anything else. So for me these would be perfect. I as well always wipe the counter with a towel and they never seem to pick up enough or they are soaked before you know it. So therefore I am looking for these online right now. Thanks for the great suggestion!!!! Love ya