Monday, June 9, 2008

What did I accomplish???

So, let's recap what I said I would do this weekend:

  • Get spare room organized and cleaned.

  • Mail off package to BFF in Florida.

  • Clean the floors.

  • Find an old sheet at Goodwill to cover Washer and Dryer (getting filthy!)

  • Clean out puppy wading pool so they can play or just stand there confused.

  • Organize bathroom storage (or lack thereof!)

  • Donate used goods to Goodwill.

  • Clean up yard furniture, find good place to get them powder-coated.

  • Take Ruby to vet for shot.

  • Take chairs from storage to get cleaned and put in spare room.

Ok, I did get the spare room cleaned and organized. YAY! It's coming around nicely. I'm just waiting for the ex to pick up the cabinet so it can thoroughly be organized; I found this AMAZING 1950s teak buffet at my beloved used furniture store (thanks to the owner who gave me heads up!!). This 97 year old woman passed away and he collected this beautiful Danish teak furniture from her house; I bought the buffet, and drooled over the dining set which is WAY too big for my place. :( So, it's on layaway until he can get the cabinet and I can put the new buffet in my house.

I didn't get the chairs cleaned yet. I tried calling this one place but I never got an answer, but I'm hoping this Friday (payday!) I can do it. I have the day off so maybe I can get it done then!! I have to work Saturday so I will try and get this huge box of to my BFF in Florida. Don't have the funds yet so this Friday it WILL get done!! I need it out of my house!!

The floors got cleaned as well. Yay. They were disgusting but thanks to my wonderful Shark Steam mop, they are now clean. (Until I go home tonight! LOL) Oh, I hate having a dirt backyard.

The bathroom is now organized. I have a lot less storage than my old place so I just did some rearranging and tossing, now it's up to par. I got my hair straightener hung up on the wall so it doesn't take up precious counter space and used some seagrass baskets to keep it all contained underneath.

I haven't dropped the goods off at Goodwill yet; the BF only wanted to sit around all weekend so besides breakfast yesterday and running to get dinner late last night, we did nothing but watch movies...ok, HE watched movies, I cleaned!! So I'm hoping I can get them dropped off soon so I can collect my receipt and get them out of my house.

I found an old sheet to cover my washer/dryer. I went to my estate sale on Sat and found it along with a really nice queen-sized blanket. I realized all I have are afghans (that don't keep you very warm or covered up at night!) and when my parents come down next month, they'll need one for sure. So I got a sheet, practically new blanket, and vintage planter. Total? $4.00. :) So in the spirit of cleaning and having these great vintage pots lying around I went to Home Depot and found some tropical foliage houseplants for $1.77 each! I bought 3 plants and had BF re-pot them for me. They look great on my kitchen table now, I love how houseplants can really make a room so much livelier. :)

And lastly, I didn't get the lawn chairs cleaned yet, won't take too long as they just need to be hosed off. I found some places to get them powder-coated but BF said it would be expensive, so those will just have to wait for now. Not in a big hurry anyway. I also didn't take Ruby for her shot yet. Ugh. We took a nap and when we woke up Sunday, it was too late. So I'm going to get that done this Sunday, as well as get Juno groomed.

All in all though, I think I had a pretty successful weekend! I wish we would have gotten out and done more, but that's ok. He's been working a lot and needed a break. I got the house in much better order and got all laundry done. The house is coming together so nicely and I'm really loving it. :)

I hope you all had a blessed weekend. It's back to the grind for me! And look, it's been less than a week since I've blogged. Aren't you proud of me? ;)

Blessings, LL.

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