Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm home...

and I have the next week off (yay) so I will/should be posting a lot this week about New Years resolutions (should you make them?), good books to read, my trip to Dallas and Oklahoma, and other random thoughts!

I got home today safe and sound. Didn't seem like I was going to make it! I was supposed to leave my parents house at 8am to make my 9:50am flight. At 8:00am my dad says, "Are you awake?" Me: "Mmm..not yet. What time is it?" "8am." Thanks Dad for making sure I was awake!! Ah! My alarm must have shut off. So I went scrambling to get ready and finishing packing up clothes I washed the night before. So we go racing to the airport (20-30min drive) and we arrive at Terminal A, which is where I thought I was flying out, BOOM. There is a HUGE line to security by the escalators. I mean seriously, it is like a 30min-1hour WAIT. I leave my dad in the line and I race to check my bags and the lady is like, oh, your flight leaves at 9:50, you're okay. I'm thinking, Lady, have you SEEN the security line? My flight leaves in one hour and boards in like 30 mins! Ha! Guess what? We were at the wrong terminal so we go RUNNING back to the car, drive to terminal D where my dad drops me off and goes to park the car to make sure I get through security and everything to catch my plane. I go inside, right through security in less than 3 mins. Whew. So I quickly called my dad and told him I'm good and don't bother parking because I'll be at my gate by that time!

After living in England and flying back twice a year (and reenacting a few times the Home Alone scene where they are running through the airport) I'm really paranoid about airport security, etc. In any event, I got home safely, grabbed some groceries and met up with some VERY excited dogs who were super happy to see their mommy. Despite there being a box of tissues torn up and covering the living room floor (thanks, Ruby!) we've had a good day together.

I need to finish getting some things organized around here, but I'm so happy to be home you have no idea. Boyfriend should hopefully be home very soon, I can't wait to get life back to normal! :)

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