Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well now.

In the past two days, my two bosses have been let go. This is not a bad thing (bad for them, not for the company). This place has been so poorly run and everything was so negative around here for the longest time, I'm glad that this change has taken place. The new boss (well, interim) has moved in and I like her thus far.

Anyway, with my paycheck today I ran over to Frederick's of Hollywood because I have been desperate for new bras. I gained a little weight since I moved here so I've been tucking these babies in daily (TMI?). Lucky for me, they were having a 20% off sale and I used my Buy 10 Get One Bra Free punchcard so I got 4 new bras today for less than $60 (plus some underwear on major clearance and some stockings for a little more) Cool, huh? I didn't want to spend the money, but as all the women out there know, if you don't have a comfortable bra, it can really be a bad situation with everything you wear. I also got a super cute tote they were giving away with a $75 purchase so for less than $92 I got 4 bras, 2 pair underwear, 2 pair stockings, 1 tote bag. Totally worth it. No more tucking in. Finally.

So I figure I leave for Dallas in a little over a week and that means no more spending. I'm leaving my credit cards in the drawer when I'm so I can't use them for "emergencies." I'm getting 2 more hours of overtime this week because we have graduation on Saturday; normally I wouldn't go but 2 hours of overtime will make a difference in my paycheck so that means extra money, yet again! :)

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