Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saving $$ by using the Internet

There are various ways to save money these days; I rarely EVER pay full price for anything anymore, it's just stupid to do so. If you want to save money, you just have to know which avenues to explore to get your savings.

One of the easiest ways to save money is simply by going to a search engine such as Google and typing in what you're looking for and then "coupons." I do this for when I'm shopping for my family for presents or if there is something I want to purchase either in the store or online. I NEVER pay full price for pizza when boyfriend and I are looking for a relaxing night in; there are always coupons and deals on the web for food, you just have to find the coupon code that suits you and type it in.

Yesterday I posted how I was going to get my study guide materials for the AFOQT; unfortunately my used bookstore had none of the materials so I figured I'd have to hit the major bookstores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble. Before I went to the stores, I hopped online, typed in "Borders coupons" and "Barnes and Noble coupons." Voila! Borders had a 20% off coupon (geez, just found a 30% off coupon. Dang!) and Barnes and Noble had a 10% off coupon. I saved a little over $5.00 total and it took me about 30 seconds total to conduct the searches and print. Easy!

Another way to save money if you do the majority of your shopping online is through Ebates. Ebates gives consumers cash back on their purchases depending on which store they shop; they are able to do this because the various shops pay them a finder's fee on the sale and then splits it with the consumer. I've been a member of Ebates for a number of years now and I've gotten a total of $43.17 back, just by shopping online and clicking through their site. How nice is that? They just send your money either through a paper check or through PayPal; I just got a new deposit of $16 and some change the other day, sweet!
Obviously there are so many different ways to save money by utilizing your time on the Internet, what are some of the ways you save money online?

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