Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just slap me with some reality..

Never thought I would be like this, but I am thisclose to packing up my stuff and saying "Adios" to Tucson and "Hello" Dallas. I am so frustrated at this point, I just need something to happen! I'm not the type of girl to be like, "Hey Mom and Dad, can I live with you for a while while I get my crap sorted?" This is ESPECIALLY since I don't have a job down there...yet. Doesn't mean I'm not working on it!

A small ray of hope for today, I'm seriously considering joining the Air Force and becoming an Officer; I was an AF brat my entire life and was married to the military for over 6 years..I think I would be a great candidate and would enjoy my time in. Especially in this economy, you cannot ask for better job security (and benefits) than being a military officer; I spoke with a recruiter today and they administer the AFOQT the first Thursday of the month which means I need to get ON it if I want to test in March. On my lunch break today I'm going to get my study guides and study study study. This is not the first time I have thought of joining; I was first thinking about it when I graduated with my Bachelors but then decided to go on and get my Masters degree; the second time was last year and I didn't take the test because I got the other job with the county. (HA!)

This seems like my only way out at this point, if I don't hear something from the county or Dallas soon, I'm definitely going to work my @$$ off to get into the military and for the first time, I'm deathly serious and really excited. I guess we'll see how things go! Obviously this screws with my plans of traveling the States for a year (boo) but at this stage of the game, I need experience and a secure job.

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Miss M said...

Wow, I can't even imagine making that big of a change in my life. You should do whatever you need to, if civilian life isn't cutting it the military is usually hiring. My grandfather was a lifer in the air force, I think it would be the best branch of the military to be in. You do get to travel, my cousin was stationed in germany for a few years. It wouldn't be the life for me, but it suits many people very well.