Monday, March 23, 2009

At this moment..

I have a week from Thursday until I take the AFOQT. I have so much stress and anxiety, I feel like I'm going to take it tomorrow...I also feel like I want to cry, scream, and vomit. I have been studying for this for almost a month now. I want to get it over but at the same time I want more time. This will be the hardest part of the journey of getting into the Air Force and I don't like this much anxiety; at the same time, is it healthy? When you want something this much, I suppose it's natural to stress and freak out. I'm taking next Wednesday off; I'm going to treat it as a normal day (exercising, walking dogs, etc) except the TV will be turned off and I'm going to do last minute review. At 8pm, I'm DONE studying. No more. Thursday morning at 7am (ACK!) is testing day. I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast and remember to breathe at the same time. I can do this...

In other news, I've lost 3lbs thus far! I haven't been 100% with the Nutrisystem so I think this is a good accomplishment. I bought some running shoes yesterday and went running today with the girls. I can't wait to get over that beginner's run..ugh, not fun! I can't wait till I'm just soaring along on a runner's high. I'm mentally preparing myself for becoming an officer in all different aspects--health wise, and projecting for the future.

I'm scared as hell, but that's just because I want this so bad. I'm just so grateful that God has shown me that this is the path He wants me on.. I'm not going to let Him down. Pray for me please! :)

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