Monday, March 9, 2009

In other news..(and another long post)

Since I am getting prepared mentally for the AFOQT in a little less than four weeks, I decided I need to get PHYSICALLY prepared as well. Back in the day, the AF only required Airmen to complete a bike test (I think it was like 30mins riding a bike) to test their level of physical fitness, it was a complete joke! A few years ago, the Air Force finally decided to get on board with the other branches of the military and change their annual Physical Training test (PT); Airmen now have to have their abdominal section taped to make sure they're within their limits, they have to run a mile and a half in a certain time frame, do as many push ups as they can in a minute, and do as many sit ups as they can in a minute. Depending upon the level that they fall in each category, they have a certain number of points designated. You have to have a score of 76 or better to pass. You can find the fitness standards here.

After doing research on Officer Training School, I found that they have strict weight requirements and if you show up at OTS and you're overweight, see ya! There are no waivers, no "oh, you'll lose weight while you're in school and you train." Nope, they just say goodbye and all of your hard work getting into OTS is now gone. I weighed myself last Wednesday (and I always weigh in the morning right after I wake up with minimal clothing on to get a consistant idea of how much I weigh). As of today, I am 14 lbs OVER the max weight limit for my height. :( Yikes. I figure when I get weighed at OTS, it will be mid-day with clothes which will probably bump my weight up another 3-5lbs or so. So I figure I need to lose a MINIMUM of 20lbs before I can join.

So what's a girl to do? Well, I ordered Nutrisystem, ah yes, THE Nutrisystem that you see Belinda Carlisle and Marie Osmond plug everyday on the TV. Yup, that's the one! The reason I went with Nutrisystem is that back in November of 2005, I was sick of my weight. I was eating soo poorly (thanks to a number of burgers, fries, and LOTS of sweets) and needed to get a handle on things. After 2 weeks, there was a dramatic change in my face, and after 2 months I had lost 20lbs and my body was looking pretty tight. Well, I quit NS because I did a bunch of research on vegetarianism and decided that it was the route to go with my life. (Yes, NS has a vegetarian plan).

Now after a good month of just depression and anxiety over my life, my weight has gone back up. And I need to get a handle on things. NS really does work and I've seen results in myself and my friends. You really have to be disciplined with the program and not deviate, otherwise you won't see results. My mom tried to do it, lost 10lbs her first week and then couldn't stand the food and gave up. The food isn't that bad but it isn't that great either. I'm not looking forward to eating a ton of processed food but I need results right now to help with my training.
I think when I get my NS (which I ordered last night and it has already been shipped!) I am going to think about the end result of becoming an AF officer and this is just going to get me on complete track with things.

I'll let you know how it goes and keep track of things on the side of my blog.

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