Saturday, March 7, 2009


This weekend I'm stuck at work for 4 hours (only 2 hours and 13 mins left, but I'm not counting!) so I'm just catching up on some blogs and other sites since I have nothing to do! At least I got free breakfast and 4 hours of overtime! :)

Did I mention that my number 1 credit card has a zero balance? I'm so excited I could almost pee. Almost.

I told boyfriend that I wanted to go bowling tonight, so he's going to get some of his friends together and we're going to go bowling (which we haven't done in a year and a half!). I will fail miserably but that's okay, I'm sick of sitting on the couch and fighting over what we want to watch on TV. It's getting old...
Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your days off. Monday is going to be a crazy-long day (715am-8pm) and I get overtime so I'm going to survive one way or another!


Miss M said...

I haven't been bowling since I was 10! As for the need to get up and out of the house, I've had the same need lately. So we went on a day trip yesterday, it was so nice to get away for just a bit.

LL said...

Yeah, it was a lot of fun! I definitely want to go back sometime.. pretty cheap entertainment.