Friday, April 17, 2009

Deciding what to do.

The time is coming closer..time for me to quit my job! :) I decided that May 1st is going to be the day. I figure this will give me a little under a month to get packed up and get prepared for my move to Dallas. My family is really excited, I'm getting there! I really wish things would have worked out with the County job, but what can I say? Timing is not right.
So I was doing some research yesterday about how I'm going to move. When my parents moved from Missouri to Texas, they used the PODS and were really satisfied with them. What better way to pack up your stuff and have some one else move it? I went on their website yesterday to get a quote. From Tucson to Dallas for their smallest POD (I think 10ft)--hold your breath. $1200! Are you kidding me?! Wow, what a way to say goodbye to my Emergency Fund. All this time and effort of saving this money to use as my living expenses until I find a job in Dallas...just to be used for moving. Ugh. I've done other research with U-Haul and it will be around $800-900 to drive a truck and tow my car. Man, I knew that moving was going to be expensive. This is just a blow to me...and my savings. I'm still going to figure out what is the cheapest, most effective method. My parents offered to drive here and help me move. I really don't want them to have to do that but maybe I'll take them up on their offer. My dad has a Pontiac Vibe so we could fit quite a bit of stuff in the back of his car..OR he would probably bring his Suburban and then we could fit a LOT of stuff in the back. Hmmmm...Any suggestions?
In other news, I've lost six pounds! I'm really adjusting to Nutrisystem and I love the way my body is starting to look. My abs are shrinking as are my thighs. When I went camping my friend who hadn't seen me in a year said that I didn't even look the same. She asked me what size I was and when I told her I was the same size, she told me that I looked like I had lost 20lbs! :) It was a good compliment, I'll take it. My shoulders and arms are really starting to get toned and my upper chest area is looking really great too. Amazing what some diligent exercise and portion control can do. :) I'm hoping to lose at least 10 more pounds before I move to Dallas to blow my family away. And I'm hoping before summer gets here I will be able to wear a bikini. My parents have an in-ground pool so I'm looking forward to adding swimming to my daily exercise.

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