Monday, May 18, 2009

Still waiting..

And wondering what is going on, that's okay, I'm not being stagnant, I'm working on packing up the rest of my house and continuing planning the move. I'm hoping...hoping that I will depart Tucson on Sunday (yes, this Sunday). I'm really anxious to get out of here already!

In weight loss news I'm down 12lbs since starting Nutrisystem, all-in-all my parents are going to see about a 24lb weight loss since I last saw them at Christmas. I can't wait for their reaction. I feel so much better now and am still seeing my definition take more shape everyday. I joined a gym on a two-week free pass and have been Spinning; I did a lot of this in England and it's amazing how it just makes you feel so powerful during and after the class. The only way I can describe this is euphoric--if you've never been Spinning, I highly recommend it! I've also been doing workouts at the gym combining weights and cardio. I forgot how much I have missed the gym and can't wait to get my mom hooked on it too when I move to Dallas. Getting back into this groove really makes me think about going back to school to become a Dietician. I'm really knowledgeable about food and nutrition and great at preaching it, what I'm working on is practicing what I preach. I've thought about this for a number If for some reason the Air Force does not work out, I'm definitely going to pursue another Masters degree and then continue on and become a Personal Trainer as well; talk about a double threat!

I'm still off of sugar since Lent; I'm amazed that I was so addicted to sugar I would just binge a lot of the time and while those 40 days of Lent was definitely NOT the easiest thing I've ever done, I don't have the cravings any longer. I enjoy having my Nutrisystem treat at night and sometimes I don't even crave it or really want the sweets, I just eat it because it's on the plan. What an amazing transformation. I really can't get over that, I used to be a girl who had to have dessert EVERY single day and would eat chocolate several times a day.

In any event, I'm still looking for jobs, hopefully something comes through soon.

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