Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunday it is!

So I've rented my truck, pushed most of my belongings into the living room/kitchen area and have almost cleared out both bedrooms. It's official, I'm moving on Sunday! I'm picking up my truck tomorrow and will load it all day and then do some major cleaning. I dropped more stuff off at my used bookstore and at the Goodwill so I don't think any more trips are in order there. I really tried to purge as much as I could and think I did a good job.

I'm nervous because ex-boyfriend is working tomorrow so I have to pick up this 16 foot truck WITH the car dolly on the back and drive it all by myself. YIKES! I'm so used to driving my little Honda Civic that I hope I don't get into any accidents on the way home...

I'm really excited to see my parents and my nephew...but sad to be leaving some friends (including ex-boyfriend) behind...Trying not to think too much about it but it's inevitable...

I'd better get some sleep! I have a long two days ahead of me. :)

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