Monday, June 8, 2009


There's nothing I like better than being home and seeing my big sister and my nephew. I can't lie, Dallas is treating me well and I'm happy here. I do miss ex-boyfriend but we are communicating daily and hopefully he will come out and visit me for our birthdays (both in July).

I'm currently looking for jobs, but so far am unsuccessful. I can't believe how fast these days fly by out here and I'm just busy with the girls, swimming, working out, hanging out with my sister and nephew daily, and of course, looking for jobs! No news on the Air Force yet but as the days pass, I am getting more and more frustrated!

There has been a lot of drama lately with my sister and her husband and my best friend and her fiance. I'm trying to be supportive of both and help them with their problems; my brother-in-law is going to back to Missouri to figure things out (and hopefully straighten his head out) and my best friend's fiance moved out. Truthfully, I am not sad in either situation. I'm not a fan of either guy and don't think that they're worthy at ALL of my sister or my best friend so, ADIOS guys. If I sound like a bitch, well, sorry if only you knew the situations that were going on but that is just too much drama for me to wrap my head around.

In any event, I'm enjoying being single and hope to get out more with my sister and eventually find some friends down here. I can't wait to get a job so I can afford to visit my bestie in Oklahoma (3 1/2 hours away!) a lot more.

All in all, I'm pretty darn happy right now! :)

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