Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life in Dallas

Ok, so I've been super lazy and unmotivated to post anything new lately. I have so much going through my head during the day I could crank out a million posts but it took some energy for me to get on here today.

Life in Dallas so far is pretty good. I'm STILL looking for a job. Ridiculous, or as I should say my new favorite word, Ridonkulous. I've been applying around to different places with no luck. Yesterday my mom and I were going through my dad's extremely messy and cluttered office and came open this mailer..you know, the one's with about 100 different ads ranging from garage maintenance to Chinese takeaway. I found one for a grooming salon literally four minutes from my house, and what do you know, they're hiring. I get to go see them tomorrow around noon. I'm really excited since I've been working on Juno and Ruby's grooms for almost a year now...if I could get professionally trained it would be awesome. I know it's not going to be easy and the pay is going to suck, but at least I get to do something I've always wanted to learn. Plus the bonus is that when it gets cooler, I can ride my bike to work.

Anyway, it seems like the hits keep on coming in my life. Some days I'm exceptionally happy with my life, other days I'm depressed. I like being close to my family but at the same time I miss having my own life, living alone, making my own money, and having my own place. I know I will be there in due time but I'm just ready to feel like I'm living again.

The Air Force board is next month so I should find out in September if I'm accepted. I've already talked to an Army recruiter as a back up plan and they told me I'm pretty much guaranteed to be accepted into their Officer Candidate School. Girl's always gotta have options, right?

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