Monday, February 15, 2010

All coming together.

Well.. hmm... I guess I only have two words to say... (well, that might not be entirely true..) but let me get them out... okay? THANKS E-HARMONY.

Oh yes, I said it. Thank you to a website that has completely changed my life. How does a website change your life? You ask. Or maybe not..but I'm asking for you, ya know, putting words in your mouth... Well, because of this one website, which I signed up for on November 14 @ 2:00 am.. why do I remember that specific date? Because the guy on the other end of the phone said, "Your subscription ends on February 14." I laughed and said, "Haha. February 14. Valentine's ironic. I HOPE I have met someone by then." I guess he didn't think it was so funny because he didn't laugh..maybe it was because it was 2:00am and he didn't really care about some single girl going on about Valentine's Day. I thought it was funny. Oh well.

Anyway... long story longer... I met him on November 23rd. Ok, didn't really meet him..or talk to him.. but what e-harmony calls "matching"..meaning they send me his profile, send him my profile.. Let's just say I was immediately taken over by him. Haha.. well, if you consider a picture of him singing into a microphone dressed like Mario from Super Mario Bros and jamming on his Rock Band guitar..yeah, it made me laugh. I liked this boy immediately. So, I did like any good girl does when she listens to her mother.. she hopes and waits for the boy to contact her. And he did. :)

Boy and girl start communication process. Boy and girl start phone conversation. Boy and girl go on first date. Boy and girl see each other as often as possible. New Years boy and girl go out, decide they only want each other. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl start spending every day AND every night together. Boy and girl decide to elope to Las Vegas and get hitched. Say, what? :) Oh yes, boy and girl are getting married.

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