Saturday, April 17, 2010

Falling into place...

So, on March 3, 2010, my husband and I flew into Las Vegas in the early morning..found the perfect wedding chapel..and then got hitched at night! No one in our family knew of our little plan. We had such an amazing time and considering we got married "Vegas-style" we were so pleased w/ our simple service at our chapel. We honestly couldn't have asked for anything better.

On the other hand, we found Vegas to be a little overwhelming and overrated; we decided while we are super happy we got married there, the next vacation will be on a cruise or at a beach where we can simply relax! :)

When we got home we had each set of parents over separately for dinner and broke the news. Let's just say everyone is excited for us. Most of all...WE are excited for us. We continue to thank God on a daily basis for bringing us together (thanks e-harmony too!) and are growing and learning everyday as a couple. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better husband.

Right now we are living in the Dallas-area and own a home *happy sigh*! It's so nice to be in our OWN home and settle in to a comfortable place that is not an apartment. We are so grateful! And for me, it's nice to have my things out of storage after 9 months! Our place is coming together and it feels good.

Right now *N* my husband, is in school, internship, and work 60hrs/week 6 days/week so I'm getting adjusted to being by myself a lot of the time when I'm not at work. It's not always fun but it's a small sacrifice! I can't wait for him to be done.

We are also working hard to get and stay out of debt! We have such similar ideas about finances and it's nice to have a pro-active partner w/ me to attack this DEBT issue.

Hopefully I will begin posting on a more regular basis and start new issues regarding debt pay down, home improvements, and general Texas nonsense.

I hope my readers haven't given up on me!


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