Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Change in priorities

It's amazing how we grow and mature, the things that used to matter, no longer do. For example, throughout my six years in England, 80% of the time I was happy, 20% of the time I wanted to be back in the States, near my family, near *sigh* Wal*Mart, convenience, malls, etc. Some days life was so stress-free (yeah, they were)that I used to think "Am I missing something? Is life passing me by because my life is so simple?" Wow how things have changed. Things, stuff, Wal* longer matter to me. Being back in the States for 3 years has made me say, "Is this what I missed so much? Wow, how priorities have changed."

I was going through old pics of my life there, looking at the great times I spent with my best friend, mother of my three godsons..and I got incredibly sad. I missed those days of simplicity. I called my best friend, today is her birthday, to tell her how much I missed her and those days. She told me, "LL, you have grown so much since we left England you realize that stuff is no longer important. I know why you miss England so much, I miss those days too."

I'm now more focused than ever on the simple life that I had in England. I'm in the works of getting back over there with little intention of coming back. I want to raise my children in that environment. I have my 2nd bedroom stuffed with things I'm getting rid of through ebay, yard sale, donating, and giving away to family members. Where all of this stuff came from, is beyond me in my 1100sqft house. But it's going to be gone. The simple life? Less stuff? Yes, please.

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